Thai Reds Shirts at BonKai May2010

Bon Kai was one of the heavist fighting zones in latest violence of Bangkok Thailand from May 13 to May 19. Much of what have happened during this period as well as previous days while Red Shirts in a street for more than two months are murky, debated, reputed in this divided country. One of the debates is about whether Red Shirts were ‘armed’ or not, particularly with ‘war weapons’.

To my witness Red Shirts protesters were largely unarmed. Those who involved in fighting army were  ‘armed’ with home-made ‘weapons’, notably sling shots and tires, which are no matchable to army’s bullets, including live rounds. Other than seeing those infamous ‘black men with machine gun’ on April 10 (see my photo story of ‘Towards Democracy or Civil War), I haven’t seen any weapons, but was told by one Japanese photographer that he’s seen one Red guard having shot gun. Aljazeera correspondent also reported about it.

In fact, it has been often difficult from which direction gun fires originated. Snipers chipped in  chaotic gun fire, I assumed. But I think death toll and casualties, absolute majority were protesters’ side, would tell about this to some extend. And the following clip, which I took at Bon Kai between on 15 – 17 May, would bring a piece of sense to you.

– Penseur21 –

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