(Update)”Anti-democratic artist” selected for Gwangju exhibition, why? asked Thai cultural activists

*Note 1 : AWP has removed email addresses of the five coordinators of Cultural Activists for Democracy (or CAD) that appeared in the Summary Letter below in the earlier report. The measure was taken with consideration for their security.

**Note 2 : On May 20, signatures that the CAD has collected have risen up from 118 to 209. However, AWP got ‘alerted’ by a third party that one of the signatories has “denied he signed it” given the person’s FB posting on that day.  AWP  has carefully examined the posting and all the comments under it in cooperation with a local partner journalist while checking the concerned parties of the CAD letter. AWP has concluded the person has complaint the way how media highlighted in their report of the CAD letter, not a “denial” that he signed it. AWP has understood the context of the person’s view which is upholding the artist freedom of expression, but raise an issue of the curating of this particular exhibition.

*** Note 3 : The CAD also sent the second letter (which AWP obtained) to Lim Jong-Young – the curator of Gwangju Museum of Art (or GMA) after they received first response from Lim, who then responded to it.

All these updates and latest development are reflected in the article.

One of the symbolic pictures of the Gwangju Uprising in 1980. The boy holds portrait of his father, who got killed during the Uprising.

One of the symbolic pictures of the Gwangju Uprising in 1980. The 5 year old boy named Cho Chon-Ho (now 41) holds a portrait of his father Cho Sa-Chun, who got killed during the Uprising.

More than two hundreds of ‘cultural activists’ issued the open letter to Gwangju’s exhibition organizers in South Korea asking about selection process of Thai artist’s work on the PDRC protest in 2013-2014

Bangkok, by Another Word is Possible – AWP 

Monday May 16, 2016 / Last update Friday May 27, 2016 

At first it was 118, who collectively called themselves “Cultural Activists for Democracy (or CAD)” as they have issued the open letter to Gwangju Museum of Art (or GMA) in South Korea on May 15. In the letter, the activists have raised questions with regard to the Thai artist Sutee Kunavichyanont’s participation in the ‘The Truth to Turn It Over’ exhibition at GMA. Signatories of the letter have been increasing since then to reach to 209 on May 20.

The exhibition under the title of ‘2016 Asia Democracy, Human Rights, Peace’ has been held on the occasion of 36th anniversary of the Gwangju Uprising (also known as “May 18 Uprising“), which refers to popular uprising against military dictatorship in May 1980 in South Korea. Protest all over the country had been unfolded in the lead up to Gwangju Uprising in May in 1980, during which the era of military dictatorship under Park Jung-Hee – the father of the incumbent, was being replaced by another military regime led by Gen. Chun Du-Hwan. Local media in South Korea have reported that the said exhibition was co-organized by the Museum and the May 518 Foundation as part of this year’s commemoration of the Uprising.

Poster of the Gwangju Exhibition : 2016 Asia Democracy, Human Rights and Peace.

Poster of the Gwangju Exhibition : 2016 Asia Democracy, Human Rights and Peace.

The CAD activists expressed “concern regarding to Sutee’s artistic practice, political standpoint and the spirit of May 18 Gwangju Uprising” citing his participation in the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (or PDRC) movement in 2013-2014, which eventually brought the military coup in May 22 2014. The PDRC movement has become a corner stone of Sutee’s art work of “Thai Uprising 2013-2014”. This work is one of his four works exhibited at Gwangju. The PDRC movement – largely composed of conservatives elites, middle classes and some of the mobilized grassroots mainly from South – has blocked election process early 2014 in an attempt to prevent Yingluck Shinawtra from regaining power through democratic process.

Although the CAD activists stated that they “respect of freedom of expression”, it went on to say “however, at the same time we would appreciate your response how such an anti-democracy artist has been selected as a part of the commemoration of Gwangju democratic uprising”. The CAD has further demanded “the selection process and reason to be shown to the public”.

Among the signatories of the CAD letter is Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the world renowned Thai film maker who’s hailed from Issarn – the country’s impoverished North East. His feature film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lies was the winner of the 2010 Canne Film Festival Palme d’Or prize. Other signatories include senior journalists, university lecturers, film makers and artists.

In the first telephone interview with AWP on May 16, the curator Lim has emphasized he got impressed by Sutee’s street art that contained similarity to the people’s art of South Korea during 1980s in particular. Mr.Lim, who was a cultural activist himself those days fighting against military regime, has valued it without consideration of political implication.

“I didn’t expect this kind of reaction from Thailand. We have received complaints from various individuals, some of which were forwarded through the 518 foundation. We will discuss this matter. We may consider of taking down one of the Sutee’s four works – the one relevant to the PDRC protest. But we need consent from the artist. We wouldn’t do it unilaterally because this is our mistake” he added.

AWP has learnt later that Sutee has refused to consent on taking down his work as GMA tried to obtain his nod. On May 18, Sutee has posted an open letter on his Facebook denying charges that he supported the military intervention (before the coup in 2014) and the military regime.

“I do sincerely believe that my activities and beliefs are perfectly consistent with the democratic aspirations of all those who participated in the Gwangju Uprising in 1980” he wrote.

According to Nikkei Asian Review report appeared on May 23 , Sutee again defended himself he “had raised money for the protest movement against Yingluck’s government but was not a part of the PDRC, despite sharing some of its aims”   

“I protested the corrupt government and I protested [an] amnesty bill that was going to give pardons to criminals and corrupt politicians. I asked for democratic reform. I didn’t ask for a military coup” Sutee was quoted in the article.

Sutee’s denial of being a part of PDRC while distancing himself from military coup has prompted criticism from various personnel. One of counter arguments has been emerged from Germany, where the Bangkok based German journalist Nick Nostitz was on a trip on May 20. Nick is well known figure among those keen observers of Thai politics as he’s been running through almost every street events for the past decade. He himself has been subject to physical violence by PDRC guards as well as to hate campaign launched by the group’s supporters.

“Calls for military intervention against the elected government were all too regularly voiced by protest leaders on the stages during the 2013/2014 protests, and also by protesters themselves, who then loudly cheered and partied the coup.” wrote Nick, who is fluent in Thai. “Stating today that he (Sutee) is not in support of the military coup is either a case of partial amnesia or a lame attempt of trying to save his rotten reputation” he slammed.

Nick also reacted to Sutee’s accusation the CAD activists of being “sympathizers of the Yingluck government”

“This is not about supporting one or the other political party, but about supporting the free choice of Thai people to democratically elect their government – a choice that Sutee and the other artists in support of the PDRC and the military coup deny their fellow Thai citizens.Therefor the accusation of Sutee Kunavichayanont being anti-democratic is an accurate description. I am glad that he has been exposed as such, and hope fellow PDRC artists will continue to be exposed.” 

Thai artist called "Guerrillas Boys" staged a guerrilla performance on May 25 in a protest of Thai artist Sutee Kunavichayanont's exhibition in Gwangju (Photo courtesy : Guerrillas Boys)

One of the Artists called “Guerrillas Boys” staged a guerrilla performance on May 25 in a protest of Thai artist Sutee Kunavichayanont’s exhibition in Gwangju (Photo courtesy : Guerrillas Boys)

As the exhibition in Gwangju, which was launched on May 10, has been continuing meanwhile another protest has been popped up on May 25 when unnamed artist called “Guerrillas Boys” has staged a guerrilla style performance in front of Sutee’s work inside Gwangju Museum of Art. In a messenger interview with AWP late night of the protesting day, Guerrillas Boys – kept their secrecy and anonymous- said their protest aimed to take on both Sutee and Gwangju Museum of Art & its curator. They demanded GMA to exhibit their polaroid-printed-pictures that they attached to exhibition wall, along with Sutee’s work. The pictures, which have attracted hundreds ‘like’ within hours as pasted on Facebook has shown the masked artist holding a paper placard, which reads “This work still waiting “junta” create democracy for them!!!” 

Thai artist called "Guerrillas Boys" staged a guerrilla performance on May 25 in a protest of Thai artist Sutee Kunavichayanont's exhibition in Gwangju (Photo courtesy : Guerrillas Boys)

Artists called “Guerrillas Boys” posted their polaroid picture showing a guerrilla performance to exhibition wall on May 25. This is a protest about the Thai artist Sutee Kunavichayanont’s exhibition in Gwangju (Photo courtesy : Guerrillas Boys)


Artists called “Guerrillas Boys” staged a guerrilla performance on May 25 in a protest of Thai artist Sutee Kunavichayanont’s exhibition in Gwangju (Photo courtesy : Guerrillas Boys)


Artists called “Guerrillas Boys” staged a guerrilla performance on May 25 in a protest of Thai artist Sutee Kunavichayanont’s exhibition in Gwangju (Photo courtesy : Guerrillas Boys)

“They have to exhibit our protest pictures as well as the CAD letter. That would be a true history about this exhibition on the record” Guerrilla Boys told AWP.

When asked if they knew about Gwangju Uprising, Guerrillas Boys replied “Yes, we know. Many people fought and died for democracy then. It’s opposite to what Sutee did”

Protest against the Sutee’s participation in Gwangju exhibition has not been excluded in South Korea either. ‘Khmer World’ – the online based Research Center of Cambodia and Indochina – has been vocally opposing it. Members of the Center have posted protesting letter on various government websites including the one of Gwangju Metropolitan City.

Juno Soe, director of Art Gallery Space O’NewWall Art Gallery in Seoul is also one of those who lamented the controversial exhibition.

“It’s absurd to invite such undemocratic figure for Gwangju event” said Juno Soe who’s been a curator of several exhibitions in South East Asia, including Myanmar and Camobodia and also Taiwan.

“I think South Korea doesn’t have comprehensive understanding of art and artists in South East Asia. So this happens when you ask somebody through somebody..to recommend artists rather randomly with little knowledge of them” Juno Soe asserted.

Gwangju has been responding one by one ever since the issue has become a hot potato. Despite their efforts to resolve the controversy, episodes have been ensued seemingly endless. On Thursday, Sutee and his supporters held a press conference at White Cafe in Thonglor – Bangkok’s rich suburb- where supporters of Sutee reaffirmed their firm side with Sutee. In a statement signed by 512 various professionals, the group has employed strong terms such as “character assassination”, “a previously unknown group calling itself..” “libelous slander” and so forth.

“Their libelous slander and repeated portrayal of Professor Sutee as a so-called “anti-democratic artist” is not merely poisonous and groundless but also severely damaging to his professional and personal reputation.” The statement reads. The game seems far from over.

Press conference supporting Sutee on May 26 (Photo courtesy : Prachatai)

Press conference supporting Sutee on May 26 (Photo courtesy : Prachatai)

“We are still receiving message from both sides” said the curator Lim on Friday. Time consuming though, he said he thoroughly checked and read all the messages he received.

“I hope this would be developed as a positive opportunity for us to learn. But I feel regret the fact that other artists (from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea) in this exhibition have not been as attracted as they deserve”

Lim said GMA is planning to invite one or two art historians – probably from the CAD group – to give opportunity for them to talk in Gwangju. It also considers of producing a material book of the controversy, in which views from all sides would be complied.

The exhibition will be continued till August 15.


Four attached are below

1) Summary letter by CAD on May 15

2) Full statement signed and issued by 118 activists on May 15

3) Follow-up requests by CAD and its updated signatures of 209 on May 20

4) Statement by 512 supporters of Sutee Kunavichyanont issued on May 26

  1. Summary Letter / May 15 

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We would like to congratulate on the success of Gwangju’s art and cultural festival in commemorate and honor the annual anniversary of May 18 Uprising. As we realize that citizen of Gwangju has fought for democracy and continue to share its memories with international movements for democracy. We have learned that the cost of democracy is at the expense of ordinary people. And this lessen should be learned.

We, Thai Cultural activist for Democracy, would like to express our concern on the selection of Sutee Kunavichyanont’s work in the exhibition ‘The Truth to Turn It Over’ at Gwangju Museum of Art curated by Jong Young Lim. We request that the selection process and reason to be shown to the public. It should be noted that we respect the artist’s freedom of expression. However,  at the same time we would appreciate your response how such an anti-democracy artist has been selected as a part of the commemoration of Gwangju democratic uprising.

We would like to convey our concern as shown in our open letter to the curator and board of the Gwangju Museum of Art. We hope that our request would be reviewed.

In solidarity,

Cultural Activist for Democracy (CAD)


Pandit Chanrochanakit:
Yukti Mukdawijitra:
Thanavi Chotpradit:
Thanom Chapakdee:
Thasnai Setthaseri:

2. Open Letter signed by 118 Thai Cultural Activists for Democracy (or CAD) / May 15 

With regard to a Thai artist Sutee Kunavichyanont’s participation in exhibition ‘The Truth to Turn It Over’ at Gwangju Museum of Art, we would like to express our concern regarding to Sutee’s artistic practice, political standpoint and the spirit of May 18 Gwangju Uprising.

It is clear that Sutee aligns with the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) that has contributed to political crisis and the May 22, 2014 Coup. The PDRC is a movement intending to uproot Yingluck Shinawatra government by closing down streets of Bangkok, governmental offices, including blocking people to vote on the 2014 general election. The PDRC condemned that majority of Thai voters in provincial areas are poor and uneducated that could be bought by politicians. They also believe that the 2014 general election could only uphold the power of Yingluck government.  At the same time, denying to negotiate with government representatives, the PDRC demanded an unelected government appointed by the King, which is unconstitutional. In many ways, their actions led to military intervention. As a result, Thailand has lost its democratic regime since.

The PDRC looks over the fact that Suthep Thueksuban, a leader of PDRC, was formerly Deputy Prime Minister to Abhisit Vejjajiva Government, who deployed the army to disperse the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) protest camp in the heart of Bangkok during April 10-May 19, 2010. As a result, more than 100 died and almost 2,000 injured. Thai court rules that it is relevant that Thai army officials fired at civilians. While many UDD protesters are jailed and sentenced for violations of law, Suthep and his cabinet members are free, leaving the fact that not only the UDD protesters are killed and jailed but also ordinary people who has nothing to do with political motivation.

Some scholars refer to the April 10 –May 19 Crackdown as similar to Chun Doo Hwan’s suppression of Gwangju Uprising.  Even worst, many Abhisit government supporters believe that the UDD protesters deserve such violent suppression.

After the crackdown, Abhisit government dissolved the Parliament and called for a general election. Yingluck Shinawatra from Pheuthai Party (with support by UDD members) was elected and became the Prime Minister while Suthep became opposition party. Yingluck government tried to find a solution for national reconciliation by drafting amnesty law. Her government failed to pass the controversial amnesty law and caused the anger from many camps including PDRC fraction. Thailand has been in the stagnation of democratization since.

During PDRC’s Shut Down Bangkok campaign, Sutee and his artist friends organized Art Lane that raised fund for PDRC movement. Rather than promoting democracy and civilian rule, his project at GMA recites his contribution to the recession of Thai democracy such as posters using stencil techniques, T-shirts for PDRC supporters, and so on. The PDRC artists took over streets of Bangkok to block the February 2, 2014 general election, which sparks an opportunity for the military to seize the power from civilian government. Thailand, once a country with bright future for democracy in this region, has been fully controlled by aristocrats and military rule since May 22, 2014.

As Thai junta government has been heavily criticized by international community during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) human rights situation in Thailand on May 12, 2016, its practices of human rights violation is continuing. However, PDRC artists continue supporting the Art Lane to raise fund for PDRC’s college. Sutee’s exhibition not only insulting Thailand’s democratic movements and the history of democratization but also the spirit of May 18 Gwangju Uprising.

We would like to question Jong Young Lim, the curator, and board of GMA on their selection process and the reason that lead to invitation of Sutee to participate in this exhibition.  We believe that the freedom of expression is important for the artist, but we want to express our concern that Sutee’s exhibition emerged from the fact that reversal to the spirit of Gwangju Uprising. In this regards, we would like to hear your explanation in respond to the people of Thailand and Gwangju.

In Solidarity.

3. Follow-up requests by CAD on May 20 

1) In order to understand the context of Sutee’s work, we would like the GMA to show our open letter to the audience alongside Sutee’s art work. We maintain that we respect the work and the artist’s freedom of expression. However, regarding the fact of Sutee’s participation with Art Lane as a part of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), which contributed to the fall of democracy in Thailand, the GMA should provide more information on the broader context, especially from different voices and perspectives.

2) We would like to explain the background on how anti-democracy artists, including Sutee, and their participation in the Art Lane and the PDRC movement contributed to violence and the destruction of democracy in Thailand. The fact that the Yingluck Shinawatra Government drafted a blanket amnesty bill in November 2013 drew anger from various factions both in the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD, the mass organization that supports Yingluck) and the PDRC movements, as well as non-partisan academics, cultural activists, and so on. People started gathering on the streets and fomenting anti-government rallies. Then Yingluck government dissolved parliament on December 10, 2013 and called for a general election on February 2, 2014. In other words, the Yingluck government listened and took corrective action in a democratic and peaceful manner. This is a very critical issue that Sutee and his supporters have never mentioned in their open letters.

It is the PDRC and their supporters that refused to participate in the 2014 general election. The PDRC and its supporters called for an unelected and royally-appointed government, which is unconstitutional.  Instead, they continued to block the streets of Bangkok, closed down government offices, and blocked people from voting by all means possible. As a result, the PDRC generated street violence in many sites across Bangkok. The term ‘Shut Down Bangkok’ benefitted the PDRC more than the ordinary people since this was one of their strategies to push the Yingluck government to the edge of democracy. As many scholars point out, the PDRC was (and still is) a network of elites that acted in concert and orchestrated a crisis until it paved a way for military intervention. We can provide you with a significant number of references on this issue in English to enhance the understanding of the public if requested.

One of the most significant of these instances of street violence was the Ramkhamhaeng Incident (a clash close to Ramkhamhaeng University, an open university in Bangkok) in November 2013. The incident started from a gathering of the UDD and its supporters at Rajamangkala Stadium, which was far away from the PDRC protest sites and close to the university. However, the PDRC supporters claimed that the UDD supporters insulted the emblem of Ramkhamhaeng University, the revered King Ramkhamhaeng, and condemned them. The PDRC argued that this constituted lèse majesté (violation of Article 112 of the Thai Criminal Code and a grave crime with a severe prison sentence) and called PDRC members to storm into the UDD protest site in Rajamangkala Stadium. As a result, at least three UDD supporters, one unidentified person, and one PDRC supporter were killed. More than 68 persons were injured.

The Ramkhamhaeng Incident stands as the very beginning of the second round of violence since April – May 2010 Crackdown. From November 2013 to May 15, 2014 the number of deaths grew to 25, including 8 police officers, and more than 782 injured. Most of the violence was fomented by hardline PDRC members.

3) We demand that the curator and board of the GMA publicly acknowledge their misunderstanding of the subtlety of the current crisis in Thailand as they have overlooked the facts mentioned above. This should be published as a letter in Korean, Thai, and English.

4) We demand that our correspondence including Sutee and his supporters to be published and archived by GMA for the sake of future compilation on the history of people’s struggle for democratization. The future generations will be the judges of our present actions.

In Solidarity

Cultural Activist for Democracy (CAD)  – Updated May 20

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  22. Sakkarin suttisarn/Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Finearts, Chiangmai University (New)
  23. Santiphap inkong-ngam Film maker/ lecturer, Chiang Mai University (New)
  24. Saran Samantarat Lecturer, Department of Landscape, Faculty of Architecture                                                                                                                Kasetsart University (New)
  25. Sathit Sattarasart Artist (New)
  26. Sawit Prasertphan Artist/ lecturer, Chiang Mai University
  27. Sina Wittayawiroj Artist
  28. Sirawish Boonsri Art Teacher (New)
  29. Sirichoke Lertyaso Photographer/ writer (New)
  30. Siripoj Laomanacharoen Writer
  31. Somchai Saejiu Creative director (New)
  32. Sompoch Aung Artist

155.Sompong Leerasiri                           Artist (New)

  1. Songkran Somchandra Lecturer, Chiangmai Rajabhat University (New)
  2. Sorayut Aiemueayut             Lecturer, Chiang Mai University
  3. Suchada Suwannasorn Film producer (New)
  4. Suchart Swasdsri Writer
  5. Sukanya Seskhuntod Cultural activist
  6. Supachai Areerungruang Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts,                                                                                       Srinakharinwirot University (New)
  7. Sutthirat Supaparinya Artist
  8. Tada Hengsapkul Artist
  9. Takerng Pattanopas Artist (New)
  10. Tanaphon Inthong Artist (New)
  11. Tanate Makkasakul Designer (New)
  12. Tanyanun Aoiaree Graphic designer

168. Techit Jiropaskosol                           Designer/ lecturer (New)

  1. Teeramon Buangam (New)
  2. Teerapon Anmai Lecturer/ writer (New)
  3. Teerapong Suthiwarapirak Writer
  4. Teerawat Mulvilai Performance artist
  5. Tepwuit Buatoom Artist (New)
  6. Thanapas Dejpawuttikul Doctoral Researcher, Graduate Schoo of Asia-Pacific                                                                                                       Studies,  Waseda University (New)
  7. Thanapol Virulhakul                   Choreographer (New)
  8. Thanavi Chotpradit Lecturer, Silpakorn University
  9. Thanet Awsinsiri Artist/ lecturer (New)
  10. Thanom Chapakdee Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University                                                                                                                                                       (New)
  11. Tharit Tothong Critic
  12. Thasnai Sethaseree Artist/ lecturer, Chiang Mai University
  13. Thatchatham Silsupan Composer/ lecturer, Chiang Mai University
  14. Thawiphat Praengoen Artist/ cultural activist
  15. Thida Plitpholkarnpim Film distributor/ Writer (New)
  16. Thitibodee Rungteerawattananon Artist
  17. Torwong Salwala Media Content Creator (New)
  18. Tossapon Tassanakunlapan Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University (New)
  19. Uthis Haemamool Writer
  20. Uthit Attimana Artist/ lecturer, Chiang Mai University
  21. Verita Sriratana Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University (New)
  22. Vichapon Diloksambandh Performance artist
  23. Viengrat Nethipo Faculty of Political Science Faculty, Chulalongkorn University
  24. Vipash Purichanont PhD candidate, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths,                                                                                                                                  University of London
  25. Vorakorn Ruetaivanichkul Film maker
  26. Wachara Kanha Film maker (New)
  27. Warasinee Chansawang Gallerist
  28. Wasu wanrayangkoon Performance artist (New)
  29. Wattakorn Kawinkham Artist (New)
  30. Weroon Wuthirithakul Cultural activist
  31. Wichanon Somumjarn Film maker
  32. Wichaya Artamat Theatre director (New)
  33. Wirapa Angkoontassaniyarat Editor
  34. Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa Film critic
  35. Worathep Akkabootara Independent curator/ writer (New)
  36. Yingsiwat Yamolyong Film maker
  37. Yingyod Yenarkarn Artist (New)
  38. Yukti Mukdawijitra Lecturer, Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology,                                                                                                                                   Thammasat University
  39. Yuthchack Damsuwan Creative director (New)
  40. Yutthana Darakron                           Cultural activist
  1. Yutthana Meesong Creative director (New)

4. Statement by 512 supporters of Sutee Kunavichyanont issued on May 26 

Open Letter to Mr. Jong-Young Lim


We, the undersigned, wish to express our serious concern over the character assassination of Associate Professor Sutee Kunavichyanont by a previously unknown group calling itself ‘Cultural Activist for Democracy’. Their libelous slander and repeated portrayal of Professor Sutee as a so-called “anti-democratic artist” is not merely poisonous and groundless but also severely damaging to his professional and personal reputation.

We hope that you will not be misled by this attempt to exploit ‘political correctness’ as an instrument of censorship and sabotage of artistic expression, to destroy the life and career of a highly respected artist and academic, and man of courage and integrity, with a proven track record of fighting for democracy.

Yours Sincerely,


จดหมายเปิดผนึกถึงคุณ จอง-ยัง ลิม


เราผู้ร่วมลงนามข้างท้ายนี้ ขอแสดงความห่วงใยอย่างสูงต่อการทำลายความน่าเชื่อถือทางวิชาชีพ เพื่อสังหารภาพลักษณ์ของ รองศาสตราจารย์สุธี คุณาวิชยานนท์ โดยกลุ่มบุคคลที่ไม่เคยมีใครรู้จักมาก่อนที่เรียกตนเองว่า “นักกิจกรรมวัฒนธรรมเพื่อประชาธิปไตย” (กวป.)

การหมิ่นประมาทสร้างภาพกล่าวหารองศาสตราจารย์สุธี หลายครั้งอย่างจงใจว่าท่านเป็น “ศิลปินต่อต้านประชาธิปไตย” ไม่เพียงแต่ไร้ข้อเท็จจริงและเป็นพิษภัย แต่ได้สร้างความเสียหายอย่างใหญ่หลวงต่อชื่อเสียงและอาชีพการงานของรองศาสตราจารย์สุธี เราหวังว่าท่านจะไม่ถูกชักนำให้หลงประเด็นโดยความพยายามครั้งนี้ที่จะอ้าง “ความถูกต้องทางการเมือง” (“Political Correctness”) มาใช้เป็นเครื่องมือเซ็นเซอร์การแสดงออกของศิลปิน ทำลายชีวิตและวิชาชีพของศิลปินและนักวิชาการผู้เป็นที่นับถือ ซื่อตรงและกล้าหาญ ผู้มีเกียรติประวัติการต่อสู้เพื่อประชาธิปไตยอันเป็นที่ประจักษ์ชัดต่อสาธารณชนมายาวนาน


Achara Jansanjai,Business Owner
Achita Pramoj Na Ayudhya,Artist
Adool Booncham,Artist,Lecturer
Aim-ora Bunnag,Top Management member,Intage Thailand-Market Research
Akalaphon Adam, Skull Artist
Alongkorn Lauwatthana,Artist
Alongkorn Sumalee,Automotive Engineer,Photographer
Alongkorn Thaubol, Business Owner
Alongkot Pechtsrisook, Artist
Amrit Chusuwan, Artist
Anag Pongpanon,Graphic Designers
Anan Nuchawong, Art Director
Ananya Sinwachara, Employee
Anchalee Paireerak,Reporter
Anchana Nangkala,Artist,Art Lecturer
Anilin Buranarisi, Self Employed
Anita Vachiramano, Self-employed
Anocha Thongpradoo, Employee
Anotai Ngamsrirat
Anucha Kaewvichain, Creative Director, Jump Communications
Anucha Prangprasert,Artist
Anuchai Secharunputong,Artist,Professional Photographer
Anurot Chanphosri,Freelance Artist
Anurux Jansanjai,Film Director
Anusara Chokvanithpong, Legal Director
Anusart Tubtun,Graphic Designer
Apawee Phuekchaidee,Banker,SCB Bank
Apichaya Jansinjai,Student at Cenral Saint Martins
Apiradee Chutatat,Veterinarian
Apisek Wongwasu,Bussiness Owner
Apishaya Tepnimit
Apiwut Thirachtikul,Artist,Graphic Designer,Fashion Designer
Aranya Siyanont, Director, Actor
Araya Pawangkanan,Interior Designer
Areepa Phuekchaidee,VP of UOB
Arkom Kongnaphakdee,At Director of VIF Sculpture co.,Ltd
Arkom Sombuttham, Artist
Arnond Sakwarawich, Ph.D., Head of Business Analytics and Intelligence Program, Graduate School of Applied Statistics, NIDA
Arpakorn Boonyakornburi, Artist
Artit Nantapornpipat,Freelance Artist
Arunee Chuboonraj, Assistant Editor Ploykaempetch Magazine
Arunee Hunsacharoonroj,Lecturer,Chulalongkorn University
Arunothai Jankamkum,Art Director
Ass.Prof.Arwin Intrungsri,Lecturer
Ass.Prof.Kittichai Kantang,Art Instuctor,Rajamangala Lanna University
Ass.Prof.Nawin Biadklang, Artist,Head of Painting Department,Silpakorn University
Assada Sreshthaputra,Director of Photography
Associate Professor Dr.Supavee Sirinkraporn,Instructor,Faculty of Decorative Arts,Silpakorn University
Associate Professor Sitthiporn Piromruen,Instructor,Faculty of Architecture,Silpakorn University
Associate,Dr.Khiensak Seangklieng,Architect
Athip Nana,Celebrity,Actor
Atikun Jansanjai,Student at Central Saint Martins
Atinuch Malakul, Dentist, Lecturer Chulalongkorn University
Atipat Kamonpet,Director
Atitaya Kantharak,Interior Designer
Attaporn Theemakorn, Director, Actor
Autchut Arayapongstorn,Executive Director
AVM.Sureeporn Boonjong, MD>Honorary Surveyor, The Healthcare Accreditation Institute(Public Organization) Ethic Committee, Thai Medical Council
Benya Nandakwang, CEO White Kitchen Company Limited
Boonkasem Kowsanti,Artist,Managing Director Krabi Heartel
Boonrot Meesupkwang,Artist,Head of Painting Department
Borirak Supatriworapong,Artist,Art Lecturer
Bulakorn Chantramitr,Freelance Artist
Buraorn Chumcheun, Radio Presenter
Captain Kaewlumhud,Lecturer in Advertising Design
Chai Rachawat, Editorial Cartoonist, Thairath Daily, Bangkok
Chainarong Wirunphat,Advisor,Art Lecturer
Chaipat Banditwattanawong,Designer
Chairat Bin-Abdunlahman,Artist
Chaiwoot Thaimpan, Artist
Chaiwut Ruemrhedeekul,Artist,Lecturer
Chaiyan Khomkeow,Artist,Lecturer
Chaiyaporn Chinaprayoon, Banker
Chaka Kulphaetya, Executie Secretary
Chalermpol Chomnakorn, Visualizer, Grouphead Advertising
Chalit Nakpawan, Artist
Chalitpan Niyomyam,Business Owner
Chalong Boonchantuk,Production Designer
Chamni Thipmanee,Artist,Professional Photographer
Chanachai Ketsrirat,Artist
Chananya Kuppatanortrta,Artist
Chanikan Sangdee,Teacher
Chanisara Tejasen, Senior HRBP, Gullivers Travel Associate, Thailand & Juoni Global Travel Expert
Chanjira Nimpitakpong,Bussiness Owner
Chanon Bovonmongkolsak, Self-Employed
Chantana Srisawat, Artist, Owner of Shata Studio
Chanya Thongnhu, Freelance Accountant
Charoenkwan Blarharski,Columnist
Charoon Ansavananda,The National Artist
Chatchawarn Chanchotibutr,Professional Photographer
Chatchawin Unhanun,Editor-In-Chief Men’s Health(Thailand)
Chawanet Asanasen,Music Producer
Chaweewan Namkote,Staff Company Bookpromotion&service.co.Ltd
Chayakarn Nuamtiab, Service Support Officer, Bank of Ayudhaya Public Company Limited
Chira Vichaisutthikul,Artist,Professional Photographer
Chitsanuphong Phengpan,Editor-in-Chief Moremove
Chittima Srinun,Admin
Chiva Lapintungsutthi,Professional TV Producer,Chiva Classic
Chollasinth Chorsakul, Artist
Chomnad Manopaiboon, Chief, Prevention Section
Choncheun Soonthornrote,Employee
Chookiat Likitpunyarut, Interior Desinger, Lecturer
Chorbun Chuenprayoth,Creator
Chorbun Sirikojakorn, Export Sales & Marketing Supervisor, KC Fresh Company Limited
Chulalaux Piyasombatkul, Eyewear Designer, Owner Brand Moo Eyewears
Chumpol Apisuk,Artist
Chutaphant Pinswasdi, Retired Government Officer, Chulalongkorn University
Dinhin Rakpong-Asoke,Artist
Ditapong Boonsanong,Art Teacher
Doungkwan Viriyakijnateekul,Employee
Dr,Veerachai Tanpipat,Advisor of Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute,Ministry of Science and Technology
Dr.Churdchoo Ariyasriwattana
Dr.Patusiree Rattanakarn,Bussiness Owner
Dr.Samart Jubjon,Artist,Art Lecturer
Dr.Savitri Saengchansri
Duangchan Wongrabeab,Sales
Duangkeo Srichaiwan, Artist
Duangphorn Tangchitnob, Laem Thong Bird’s Nest (Siam) Co., Ltd.
Duangrutai Kuakool, Nurse, Songklanagarind Hospital, Prince of Songkla University
Ekarat Chirapongse, Businessman
Em Singhaviboon,Art Teacher
Fontham Buaphuchphong,Artist
Gessanie Skuldist, Weaving Designer & Instructor
Gloyta Nathalang, Employee
Gumsak Atipiboonsin,Artist
Hassakun Chanklom,Bussiness Owner
Hassapong Chomchuenjitsin, Artist
Hassapop Tangmahamek, Writer & Assistant Director of ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art
Hatairat Estrella Montien, Museum Consultant
Imhathai Suwatthanasilp,Artist,Art Instructor , Silpakorn University
Ingsarut Buasa,Sopport Sale
James Alan Hutchison,Reporter,Cameraman
Jamigorn Sangsiri,Artist
Janthip Satiratham, Housewife
Janya Kwangkaew,Employee
Jaratsri Prasondee,Bussiness Owner
Jaru Wongkamchantra,Artist,Gallerist
Jaruwat Boonwaedlorm, Artist
Jaturong Padungsapya, Researcher
Jerawan Teraprechachan, Employee
Jessada Juncharungjit, Artist
Jetnipat  Thatphaiboon,Artist
Jidtakorn Busaba, Television News Anchor, Columnist Naewna Newspaper
Jiravara Virayavardhana,Employee
Jiravich Nathalang, Employee
Jiravut Dusadeepun,Artist&Advertising
Jirawit Sombatsiri, Business Owner
Jirayu Cunningham,Housewife
Jirayu Uttaranakorn, Maganer, Communications and Strategies, Clean Energy Research Institute, Canada
Jitsing Somboon, Artist & Designer,Fashion Lecturer
Jo Surat,Professional Photographer
Kabngoen Settajinda, Team Executive, Brand Strategy Team, Bank of Thailand
Kachaphol Vichavesthepa,Architect
Kaewchieranai Chumsaeng Na Ayudhaya, Co-producer TV Program, Helconia H Group Co., Ltd.
Kaewtrakan Junlabon,Artist
Kamalinee Chaiyaphaeka,Nurse
Kamolchanok Poomrawan,Artist
Kamolwan Tapasanan, Director of Suvarnachard Animal Hospital, Mongkolchai Pattana Ltd.
Kanang Mendhaka,Creative,Freelance Artist
Kang Ampawa, Artist
Kanikar Viravan,Housewife
Kanjana Sirich,Lecturer,Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing.NMU
Kanjana Subsirikiate,Sales&Spec
Kanokporn Laopiyasakul,Art Teacher
Kanokwan Ploychad, Casting TVC
Kanongnaj Yimsiri, Designer and Owner of Khien’s Work Shop
Kantapat Viroonkawat,Thai Designer
Kanya Chareonsupakul,Artist,Art Instuctor,Silpakorn University
Kanyanat Pokpong,Teacher
Kasemsun Bhantumkomol
Keskarn Arirarat,Designer
Kiatanan Iamchan,Artist
Kidasada Bonnsire, Self-Employed
Kingtien Charoenyang, Producer,  Remind Co., Ltd.
Kitthanon Laosriwijit, Pure Precious Stones and Diamond Jewellry
Kitti Parimayatarchai,Artist
Kittichai Teeratwitcha,Freelance Artist
Kittinan Rakana,Film Director
Kittisak Cholprasertsuk,Artist
Kongsak Gulglangdon, Artist,Art Instructor , Silpakorn University
Korakoth Kunalungkarn, Interior Designer
Kosak Chotiyanonda, Managing Director, Sucharitkul Accounting and Legal Consultant Office
Kowit Anak-ananun, Artist
Kraisorn Prasert, Art Instructor
Krisana Chokchaowat,Freelance Art Director Magazine
Krissanapong Kiattisak, News Anchor Bluesky Chanel
Krissanapong Manotham,Employee
Kruawan Chownwai,Housewife
Kusuma Raksamani, Professor Emeritus, Silpakorn University
Ladda Lucas,Housewife
Lalinthorn Pencharoen,Artist,Lecturer,Silpakorn University
Lalit Lertmaithai,Creative
Lapon Kesornmala,Architect
Latchana Kongdee,Public Relations Manager
Luckkana Thaweesuk, Managing Director Media
Lugpliw Junpudsa,Art Lecturer, Sculpture Department,Silpakorn University
Mana Kwangsue,Artist
Manit Sriwanichpoom, Artist
Marisa Chadyapa,Production Designer
Mathurin Possawongse, Employee of Hua Seng Heng
Mattaya Suyasunanon,HR Consultant
Meenamett  Sirisuk,Artist
Miranti Borvornsin,Food Blogger,Food Influencer
Montika Boriboon, Researcher
Munchusa Watanaporn,Writer,Former Advisor Editor BaanLaeSuan Magazine
Napaporn Thongma,Nurse
Narisa Photidej,Housewife
Narodom Kamenketwit,Artist
Naruemon Sae Tae,Self Employed
Narumon Mitsang,Sales Manager Printing.Ltd
Natchaleeya Sutthiprasit,Designer
Natnicha Nattanakorn,Art Teacher
Nattalert Supatakanit,Sculptor
Nattamon Selakun,Bussiness Owner
Nattawut Yongpruksa, Ph.D., Scientist
Natthakan Taerajit,Freelance Artist
Natthapong Chanyoo, Faculty Member, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University
Nirachorn Kuchonthara,BCOP,BCNSP,Thai BCP,Clinical Pharmacist and Educator,Bumrungrad International Hospital
Niran Krairiksh,Ex-Lecturer,Faculty of Decorative Arts,Silpakorn University
Niroj Jarungjitvittawat,Artist,Art Lecturer,Poh-Chang Academy of Art
Nisarat Sitasuwan, Writer
Nitawat Changchai, Director
Nitikorn Kraivixien,Artist,Professional Photographer
Nitipat Bhandhumachinda, Aquarium Fish exporter
Niwat Kongpien, Writer
Nongnuch Laicharoenwat,Housewife
Nonzee Nimitbutr,Thai Film Director
Nopadon Chotasiri, Artist
Noppadole Pollasilp,Freelance Writer,Movie&Music Critic
Nopparat Chantramitr,Freelance Artist
Noppera Bosri,Visualizer,Artist
Nopporn Charatsri, Landscape Architect
Norasate Mudkong, D.J.
Numthong Thongyai Na Ayudhaya, Film Director, Phenomena
Nutchanat Invert,Graphic Designer
Nuttakarn Therajit, Artist
Nuttana Chaipatkorn, Interior Designer and Owner of Interior Wizard co, Ltd.
Nuttaporn Muchjimworng,Banker
Ochana Poonthongdeewatthana,Lecturer,Silpakorn University
Ongart Cheamcharoenpornkul,Artist
Ong-art Sukramani
Opas Chotiphantawanon,Artist
Oranee Na Nagara, General Manager Studio de Nagara Ltd.
Orawan Khaengpenkhae,Bussiness Owner
Pairoj Teeraprapa, Silpathorn Aritst 2014 (Graphic Design)
Pairoj Wangbon, Artist
Paitoon Chongthong, Artist
Pakakul Snidvongs, Lecturer
Pakkaporn Maison,Coordinator
Pakkavee Kongthong, Medical Technologist, Hatyai Hospital
Pakorn Klomklieng,Freelance Curator
Pakornpat Chatakaisorn,Artist,Lecturer
Palida Wichaisutthigul, Housewife
Palut Marod, Artist
Pananual Lertmaithai
Pancha Soonthornrote,Business Owner
Panchit Phruksangkul,Bussiness Owner
Panich Phupratana, Artist
Panicha Pongpat,MD
Pannaphan Yodmanee,Artist
Pansa Sunavee,Artist,Photographer
Pantila Pattamavanitch, Administraive Chief, CAT Telecom
Panumas Tasila,Art Director
Parada Kantapattanakul, Self-employed
Parames Rachjaibun, Chairman and CEO, Turnaround Focus Co., Ltd.
Paranee Jethsomma,  Managing Director Sunshine Etcetera Co., Ltd.
Parichat Pilaipongse, Translator
Parit Wongphaet,M.D.
Parkob Suntavakil,Employee
Pasit Kanasirichainon, Self- Employed
Passorn Nanthawaree,Senior Museum Creative and Copy Writer
Patamavalai Ratanapoom, Life Coach
Patariya Ngammuk, Ph. D. Assistant Dean, Bangkok University International College
Patiwat Tui-on,Architect
Patrawan Palakawongs Na Ayudhya
Pattanun Iamsa-ard,Freelance Artist
Pawanrat Naksuriya,Director-Actor
Paweena Uanomjitkul,Lecturer,Silpakorn University
Peerapong Daungkeow,Artist
Peeraya Kosumditsaphon,Sales Presentative
Pensiri Sawaitviharee, Housewife
Permsak Siwayabrahm,Architect
Phacharin Sommai,Business Owner
Phansa Buddharaksa, Artist
Pha-oon Chantarasiri,Director-Actor
Phasook Thepmani,Retired
Phatchravut Patsoongnern,Carpenter
Phatwut Chorphaka,Physical Therapist
Piangkhwuan Kumrune,Business Owner,Artist
Pichet Kitcharoenka,Studio Manager
Pichet Meevongpan,Architect
Pijak Hinjiranan,Architect
Pim Yingwong, Manager at Pim Group Ltd.
Pimonmas Rattchada, Air Purser, Thai Airways International PCL.
Pimpaween Sunthontammarat,Executive Curator,Gallery Director,Art Blogger,Art Columnist
Pinya Jaimeetam,Artist
Pitchaphong Prasong,Freelance Artist
Piyathida Kasemsri, Graphic Designer
Plub Boonsuan,Artist,Curator
Pongpaiboon Siddhigu, Film Director, The Film Factory Ltd.
Pongphawan Asitirat,Artist
Pongpipat Vigrantanoros, Creative Director
Pongprom Snitwong na Ayuthaya, Artist, Musician, Composer, Humming House Ltd., Lecturer Silpakorn University
Pongsiri Kiddee,Artist,Lecturer
Ponkamol Akkararungsakul Philipsen,Managing Director Oriental Spirit Denmark
Ponpen Lertchaipattanakul, Thail-Chinese Translator
Pornnarin Sribuoroe,Production Designer
Pornpraseart Yamazaki,Artist
Pornsawan Nonthapha, Artist
Prachaya Ladachati, Artist
Praipot Chunlawong,Freelance Artist
Prakairung Puengpanwuth,Grapic Designer
Pranot Keawbucha,Master of Music Program Faculty of Humanities and Social Scienes Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University
Praphan Sakdasak,Architect
Praptpadol Suwanbang,Actor,Artist
Prasert Punsomrong,Artist
Prasert Treepundhupitak,Freelance Artist
Prasit Wichaya, Artist
Pratai Sangrakaite,Business Owner
Pravina Ratyantarakor, Managing Director, White Kitchen Company Limited
Prayuth Chumphol,Employee
Pree Jindarjoana, Ceramic Designer at Nerb Shop
Preecha Tayeb,Architect
Preeyanit Thanakornkittiyothin, Accounting Manager, Thai Satori Co., Ltd.
Premjai Vungsiriphisal, Senior Researcher
Pridtee Suttabusaya,Thailand PGA Golf Coach
Prof. Thavorn Ko-udomvit, Vice President for Art and Culture, Silpakorn University, Director of ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art
Prof.Dr.Santi Leksukhum,Art History Specialist,Art History Lecturer,Faculty of Archeology,Silpakorn University
Punnapa Onsarn,Bussiness Owner
Punyawee Chomchuenjitsin, Artist
Rajit Saeng xuto, Film Director
Rapeepun Sudharomna, New Business & Strategic Planning Director
Ratana Chavananand,Bussiness Owner
Ratana Thienlikit, Engineer
Ratchada Kattiya,Bussiness Owner
Ratnakorn Kiatpayathai,Boxer
Rattana Salee, Artist
Rattapoom Piwpantamit
Raveewat Panchuy,Art Instructor
Rawewan Prakobpol,Business Owner
Reed Boonnao, Freelance
Reungrit Sawasdee,Lawer
Reungsak Pudghavaro,Artist,Art Lecturer
Rit Prompichan, Farmer
Ronnachai Kitisaksin,Artist
Ruenrit Sawasdee,Lawyer
Rutthapat Traipipopphakee,Bussiness Owner
Saipin Thurahan, Business Owner
Sakchai Uthitho, Artist
Sakwut Wisesmanee, Artist
Salinee Hanvareevongsilp, Writer
Samran Mompagul, Lecturer, Chiang Mai University
Santi Thongsuk,Artist
Santisuk Laungsanam,Artist,Lecturer
Sapisara Khemthong, Art Theorist
Saraawud Siritham,Student
Sarand Chaiyasutra,Artist
Sarasatre Romyanon,Producer
Sarayut Phoungsujarit,Online Marketing
Sarunpong Mongkolsilpa,Sales Executive
Sasithorn Hanpanich, Entrepreneur
Sasiwimol Sujit, Artist
Satthacharkon Racha-apai, Assistant Training Manager, Manulife Life Assurance PCL.
Shinnawat Saengungsumalee, Studentof Faculty of Pharmacy Rangsit University
Siam Wichaipruek,Architect
Sikha Thitaradis,Model,Artist
Sinjai Plengpanich, Actor
Sippapas Thienmee,Designer
Sirianong Namwongprom, MD.PhD Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Chiangmai University
Sirichai Rianjareon, Furniture Designer
Sirikan Punnachet,Housewife
Sirikul Tangkavarut, Bank Employees, Krung Thai Bank Public Company Ltd.
Sithichoke Nuamcharoen, Artist
Sithikorn Thepsuwan, Artist and Lecturer
Sithiporn Ritthinumporn,Architect
Siti Bunyapana, Restaurant Owner and Chef
Sittikorn Tapsuwan,Art Lecturer,Songklanakarin University,Pattani
Sivilai Somsong, Radio Presenter
Somboon Piriyapakdeekul, Dop/Big Eye Co., Ltd.
Somchai Napatsuthon,Graphic Designer
Somkiat Wijitpalakat,,Artist,Lecturer
Somphob Sanggerd, Freelance Film Director
Sompop Budtarat,Artist
Somsak Kitmungsa, Medical Doctor
Somsak Sansukjareonpol, Artist
Songchai Buachum, Artist
Songpot Saisueb,Architect
Songvut Kositarut, Lecturer-Prince of Songkla University International Collete, Adobe Certified Instructor
Songyote Waeohongsa,Former Lecturer
Sorarat Jirabovornwisut, Self-employed
Soraya Weesakul, Printing Director, PEA
Sresuda Wongwiseskul,Lecturer,Faculty of Nursing,Suandusit University
Sriwan Janehattakan,Artist,Art instructor
Sruiurai Prijasilpa Scarratt, Retired
Suchera Nimitraporn, House Wife
Suddhiman Pokachaiyapat, Housewife
Sudlah Prichanon, Physician
Sunakorn Niyomyam,Business Owner
Sunan Singthong, Dentist
Sunpat Charoensiraroj, Account Managemnet Delphys Hakuhodo
Supakit Ngarmpakbund, Manager Assistant Nissan Transport Co.
Supalagsana Sontichai, Reitired Government Officer, Customs Department and Author-Translator
Supaporn Chaidee,Villa Host
Supaporn Pattamasophon, Artist
Suparee Boonyoung, Tourist Guide
Supatra Boonpanyarote, Ph.D. Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, Ramkhamhaeng University
Supawat Watthanapikowit, Artist,Lecturer
Supharsit Vongromngen,Artist
Suppathida Thammahol, Artist
Surachai Chomchuenjit, Lecturer
Surachet Thongme, Director of Photography
Suradecht Wathanapraditchai, Artist
Suraporn Lertwongpaitoon,Artist
Suriya Chayacharoen,Lectuer,Artist
Surussavadi Chuarchart, Film Director
Suthipong Worakeowmueng,Artist
Suttada Achirakumpu,Magazine Projects
Suwanna Somsawasdi,Employee
Suwatchai Changsang,Artist
Suwit Maprajuab,Artist
Tana Phothong,Artist
Tanadol Derujicharoen, Artist
Tanakorn Sararak, Artist
Tanit Peanmaneewong, Artist
Tanong Pakkru,Architect
Tanyaluk Pipatkasira,Sales Promotion Manager
Tarinee Kanchanawaong, Managing Director, Fierce Co., Ltd.
Tayawat Trakulthong, Farmer
Techa Tabthong, Activist-Social Worker
Teera Chuvichayanont,Business Owner
Teerapat Pringsulaka
Teerapong Pitaksaringkarn,Art Instuctor,Ratchabhat Leoi University
Teeraporn Pinsuwan,Artist
Teerasak Lertlikitwinai,Artist Lecturer
Tepdanai Wedklang,Architect
Thamrongrat Boonparyol, Photographer
Thanakorn Boonlue, Artist
Thanaporn Thidiseree, Official at Provincial Electricity Authority
Thanasap Tribunyatikul,General Manager
Thanatas Kamsant,Bussiness Owner
Thanatip Jirawanicharoen,Artist
Thanchanok Kaewta, Account Executive Informatix Plus Co., Ltd.
Thanwa Huangsamut,Freelance Artist
Tharathorn Koonchanok,Consultant
Tharrinee Snidvongs, Interior Designer, Lecturer
Thassina Boonsuan,Art School Owner
Thawaratt Samakchantor, Artist
Thayakorn Thongjua,Bussiness Owner
Thep Pilan Phongparnich,Record Producer,Band Manager
Thepprasit Ruttanarueangchot,Artist
Thienprasit Chaiyapatranun, Executive Director of Grand Diamond Suites Hotel
Thippawan Krutbangyang,Art Teacher
Thitima Bundhumasuta,Freelance Photographer
Thitiwat Sripichayasak,Artist
Thongchai Seenuannonsakul,Manufacturing Manager
Thongchai Srisukprasert, Artist,Art Instuctor, Silpakorn University
Thunwa Huangsamoot, Artist
Tiamjai Komkris, Retired Professor
Tipanan Nakata,Sales Manager
Tipawan Oungkiros, Business Owner
Torroong Jarungidanan,Publisher,Instructor
Trissawan Parnpob, Employee
Tul Hirunyalawan, Lecturer, Faculty of Art and Design, Rangsit University
Udom Torrarit,Artist,Graphic Designer
Udom Udomsrianan, Artist, Designer
Ukaew Sanasen, Artist
Uraiwan Pongtanuwat, General Service Officer
Usanee Zenlee,Sales
Uthaiwan Vichachang, House Wife
Ut-sa Waiyasrisaeng, Artist
Vanich Sooksiri,   Film Director
Vanut Angsuwan,Artist,Lecturer
Vasan Sittjiket, Artist
Veerawat Khumrim,Artist
Veravit Malikul,Interior Designer
Vilailak Udomsrianan, Creative Director
Viroj Jongpaiboonkij,Interior Designer
Viruch Rugvong,Bussiness Owner
Visanu Paisanfuengfoong,Artist
Vitidnan Rojanapanich,Producer
Vorawut Klongtaew, Sales Executive CVS Design & Advertising Co., Ltd.
Wacharipon Pattanatonya,Design Director,Fashion Buyer
Waigoon Stapanavatr Assistant Dean,Faculty of Medicine,Navamindharadhiraj University
Wanna Nawigamune, Member of the Board of the Faculty of Humanities, Kasetsart University
Wannaphon Chimbanchong,Artist,Gallerist
Wannasan Danraj,Freelance Artist
Wannee Komarakul Na Nagara, Managing Director, Dentsu Thailand
Wanwipa Malikul,Marketing Director
Waraporn Puangthai,Editor
Warongrong Tungkham, Marketing Director, Asiatic Agro Industry, Co., Ltd.
Wasan Danraj, Artist
Wasan Peungprasert,Professional Photographer
Wasant Yod-im,Lecturer,Rangsit University
Wasanti Petchkul,Artist
Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch, Silpathorn Artist (Ceramics)
Watana Kreethong, Artist
Wathin Chatkoon,Faculty of Philosophy and Religious,Srinakharinwirot University
Wattana Kruangpech,Art Student
Wesaratt Sangkawanitt, Copy Writer
Wichai Chavengvorakul,Bussiness Owner
Wichai Yothawong,Art Lecturer,Digital Media Department,SriPratum University
Wilai Jiraittiwanna, Business Owner
Wimol Rattanakittiaporn, Self-employed
Wirawoot Boonnuerng, Artist
Witsanu Paisarnfeungfung,Freelance Artist
Wongsapat Sirikojakorn,Sales Used Car Engine&Parts
Worakorn Thamrongthat, Artist
Woranood Wooti-utadom, Employee
Worasak Wongwichit,Business Owner
Worawit Keawsrinoum, Artist
Yanis Tipakorn, Employee


5 responses to “(Update)”Anti-democratic artist” selected for Gwangju exhibition, why? asked Thai cultural activists

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  2. If GMA still show Sutee’s Artistic practice, it’s mean that South Korean was not understand democracy and also support dictatorship junta in thailand.

    I will believe that South Korea is support of killing people by military junta in 2010. I think majority thais who want democracy also think like me.

    *** South Korea is support military junta in Thailand. ***

    Best Regards.
    Mr. Surachat Singhaniyom, O.D.

  3. Let him enter the exhibition is disrespecting to those who die for Democracy in South Korea including the people both dead and live in suffering in Thailand right now. It will be forever shame on whoever organize this event.

  4. What is exactly more important to the curator, his fault in choosing the inappropriate artist or the memory of those who died for democracy in Gwangju? Just take down those junta-support-art pieces and apology to the ignorant artist for your own lack of knowledge. Why dragging this disgusting incident until now?

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