Witness of the war without witness in Sri Lanka

“€œMy son was conscripted by LTTE in April 2007 but he fled the LTTE next year. I had hidden him inside the bunker, caring of his excrement” said the 43 year-old grieving mother. Nevertheless the son has surrendered to the army as the family crossed over to the government side in May. Ever since he has been detained one of dozens ‘rehabilitation camps’€™, where more than 11000 LTTE suspects have been detained without any charge for more than a year and half. While the government has claimed it has released nearly 6000 as of October 2010, the former detainees have claimed they got torture and routine assault inside the camp. There’s no transparent process or international monitoring of these camps, creating legitimate fear of human rights violations and even disappearance. (Photo @ Lee Yu Kyung)

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