112 Family Network’s statement on Akachai Hongkanwan’s verdict and convited for jail terms 3 years

Yet again, another citizen in Thailand was convicted of lèse majesté yesterday on March 28 (Thursday). Akachai Hongkanwan, CDs seller was sentenced to five years in prison and fined 100,000 THB. The below is the statement issued by ‘112 Family Network’.



Dear Sir/Madam,

This morning, Akachai Hongkanwan, a member of the 112 family network whose case known as the CDs seller, was sentenced to five years in prison for violating Article 112 of the Cr coniminal Codes and fined THB 100,000 for violating the copyrights law.

On 10 March 2012, Akechai was arrested for selling VCDs containing a segment of Australian Broadcasting Corp’s political series with contents allegedly defamed the Thai monarchy during the anti-government demonstration in 2010. The court at last reduced the original sentence to three years and four months as well as THB 66,666 fine citing that Akachai provided useful information during the trial.

The 112 Family Network would like to raise concerns on the verdict of Akechai mentioning the inviolable status of the monarchy that provided the duty of the state and Thai citizens to maintain the monarchy not only by law but also by conscience.

Akechai father will submit the bail request to the court this evening and the 112 family network would like to extend the fullest support for his rights to bail.

For media reports on the case, please read:





Best Regards,

The 112 Family Network

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