SOS Asylum seeker unconsious on Merak-boat‏

Since November 15th all the access to the boat off Merak in Indonesia, where 255 Tamil asylum seekers- including 29 women and 31 children- have been stranded, has been banned including  journalists, according to the local source. “Prohibition was conducted by the Navy” the source said.

While the international media have diverted the agenda on the issue, from the “asylum seekers” into the”people smugglers” by ‘quoting’ what Sri Lankan govrnment has propagandized, these asylum seekers who’ve gone through suffering more than enough, have seemed to be now neglected.

The below article is the latest development on it.

– Penseur21 –

According to people on boat off Merak in Indonesia speaking to Brian Senewiratne (consultant physician in Brisbane Australia), 24 year old Vasanthan is unconscious due to diarrhoea and vomiting. Dr. Senewiratne provided advice over the phone to mix some sea water with normal drinking water to hydrate him.  However he isn’t sure if the man can retain the water since he is throwing up and urges urgent medical attention is required.

As the International Organisation for Migration has been withdrawn and UNHCR has not been provided, the situation is now critical.

This boat is still stranded in Indonesian waters.  Contains Tamil asylum seekers with no access to medical aid or humanitarian or legal assistance. Given the Australian Prime Minister’s intervention to prevent the boat now in Merak from reaching Australian waters, Australia has a moral responsibility to do everything it can to ensure that refugees and asylums receive medical assistance without delay.

Earlier today, Father Pancras Jordan from Pax Christi in Brisbane had spoken to people on the boat who had reported that several of the people on the boat were suffering from diarrhoea and there was no medical aid.

Please call Sara Nathan who has speaking to people on the boat on +61(0)412236703 or Dr. Brian Senewiratne at +61(0)419335334 / +61(0)733496118.

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